One Night of Sleep

by Tall Girl

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released November 20, 2013




Tall Girl San Francisco, California

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Track Name: We See Through You
Lie to yourself
It's al right
We see through you

And when you die
It's all right
No one knew yu
Track Name: Night of Sleep
so high you can't see the ground
so deep it seems so profound
you ask what it means

all i ask is
a night of sleep
a night of sleep

sometimes i taste what they mean
to find it's not what it seems
awake from a dream

to walk out in the sun with sheep
and at night i sleep
Track Name: Hey Chelsea
Hey Chelsea I'm sorry that we live in a world
Where every dark corner's full of flags waiting to unfurl
We don't need a martyr
Political incarceration's never been a solution

Hey Chelsea I'm sorry that we live in a time
Where the rich and the petty have always been able to find
A scapegoat to lock up
So thank you for your service and I'm sorry shit is so fucked up
Track Name: Triumph of Evil
two minds converging in a pretense
one waits for the other's judgement
and shall receive

the triumph of evil over good
is all you see if you won't try

i succeeded at falling to pieces
but i failed to forget
that i would someday fly away

the triumph of evil over good
a heart at work does what it can
without reason

your lack of meaning has no substance
might as well be halfway decent

the triumph of evil over good
no excuses
for you
Track Name: Rat Princess
She's no girl
She's a rat king
In a black dress

She's no girl
She's a rat king
In a plague mask